Punnavith Koy


Hello! My name is Punnavith Koy. I am a Cambodian American and I have been a performer on the stage for about 10 years. I have been modeling and acting on-screen, commercials, and print since 2005. I have modeled for companies such as Best Buy, Target, etc. and also became a fitness model. I started acting for commercial ads and industrial videos shortly after.

After some involvement with the local film community, I developed a fondness for filmmaking. I have worked on many film set s of all sorts of proportions. I have worn many different hats from acting on-screen, working as a production assistant, recording sound, casting, etc. I have also produced a few music videos in 2009.

I love making films and enjoy working on sets in every capacity. I have been fortunate enough to see 6-time Academy Award nominated director, Robert Altman, work his magic in A Prairie Home Companion and worked with the Coen Brothers in their recent film, A Serious Man, as an intern in the extras casting department. From watching legends such as Joel and Ethan Coen work with Roger Deakins, I have grown to believe that beautiful filmmaking is achieved by collaborations between a group of people that share the same vision together.




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